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Newsletter September 2021

Dear Friends,

In the last month the world has been aghast as events have unfolded in Afghanistan and the extent of disastrous and destructive war has been revealed. We continue to stand in solidarity with Afghans who are trying to build peace from the grassroots by promoting non-violent peace and sustainable methods of living. 

Many thanks for all your kind donations. Funds are being transferred to peace activists in Afghanistan who are struggling for food and basic supplies. Some of our friends are needing to flee the country, support is also being directed to help those individuals. 

In this newsletter we urge you to publicly remember the continued struggle of Afghans, and responsibility our Government still has.

Please take part or organise ACTIONS next week – details below. 
Thank you for your continued interest and support.

In solidarity, 
Maya, Henrietta, Mary, Susan, Beth & Ellis
Afghanistan Peace Project

Afghanistan Solidarity Weekend

Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th October 2021


London Event: Kite-flying in Parliament Square 1-3pm,
bring banners and kites


  •  Kite-flying is a symbol of hope, freedom and a world without borders
  •  Protest the war profiteers
  •  Hold the UK/ US and other NATO countries to account for invading and occupying Afghanistan for 20 years
  •  Safe Passage and refuge for Afghans worldwide

7th October sees the 20 year anniversary of the US led invasion and occupation of Afghanistan under the banner of The War on Terror. The losses experienced by the Afghan people are incalculable.

On this day, Afghanistan Peace Project calls on people in the UK to send a message of solidarity with Afghans for freedom, justice and peace.

Whether it’s flying kites in open spaces, to protesting companies which have profited from Afghanistan’s misery, to states and agencies which deny the rights of people seeking refuge, Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th October  is a long weekend of sharing care, remembrance and solidarity with the Afghan people.

Let us know about your event by emailing:


#AfghanLivesMatter #AfghanistanReparations #HumanitarianAidNOW
#AfghanistanSolidarity #BorderFree #SafePassage

Take ACTION in your area

For the last 20 years, Afghanistan has been the research and development testing field for military drones. Hundreds of innocent Afghan civilians have lost their lives due to unexplained US & UK drone strikes. Last month the US carried out a drone strike in Kabul, resulting in the death of ten civilians, 7 of whom were children – such incidents have become commonplace in Afghanistan. The US ‘Reaper Drone’, which carried out the attack, was manufactured by General Atomics. With the US taking an ‘America First’ policy, international drone strikes are set to increase. Now more than ever, we need to RESIST drones.
Protest General Atomics UK
Tower 42, Level 23, 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HQ

#GeneralAtomics #FlyKitesNotDrones

Online Action

Stand in solidarity with ordinary Afghans
7th -10th October

Take a photo of yourself with a placard, share on social media


Order the booklet

hidden voices from a forgotten war

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Order the Remember Afghanistan
Photo Exhibition

Ideal for schools, colleges, social centres, cafes, libraries
20 stunning & educational photos from Afghanistan

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Afghanistan and the DSEi Arms Fair
by Henrietta Cullinan

Last week I went to the Afghanistan Solidarity Day outside the East Gate of the Excel Centre, where a week of protests against DSEI arms fair has been taking place.
I sat in the shade, on the grass, and listened as members the London Afghan diaspora spoke of their horror and sadness at the violence that Afghanistan has endured for four decades. In the first six months of 2021, there were 1600 deaths, the highest since UN records began.

They told us of their feelings following the US withdrawal and the Taliban takeover: shame, betrayal, guilt. We all of us had been receiving messages from friends in Kabul, friends desperately fleeing, in hiding, or stuck in refugee camps. For us here in the UK there are feelings of shame, guilt and anxiety for friends still stranded. Feelings are important. We shouldn’t shy away from these feelings. They tell us the truth about our complicity in Afghanistan fast becoming a failed state.
Read more

Saddened but not surprised
by Maya Evans

As someone who has visited Afghanistan ten times over the last ten years, I’m surprised that the world is so surprised by what is happening.

For over a decade I have been giving talks, writing articles and running campaigns about Afghanistan. When I tell people about my work, the most common response would be: “Is there still war in Afghanistan? I thought it was over.”

Even without four decades of war, Afghanistan is a desperately poor country which is barely coping, grinding along on a hand to mouth subsistence existence. The cultural norm is NOT to make long term plans. It’s an Afghan joke to say people plan their weddings the day before. Underlining that joke is the sombre awareness which every Afghan carries every day when leaving the house: they do so with the grim expectation that they may not return.
Read more

Order your Afghan Solidarity blue scarf, made by youth peace activists in Kabul. The blue scarf symbolises the beautiful blue skies of Afghanistan, and a world without borders.


Thank you for your kind donations over the last few weeks.

Funds have been slowly transferred to youth peace activists in Afghanistan, who are struggling for food and basic supplies. We are also helping those needing to flee.

We will ensure all donations reach Afghanistan, helping the most in need and those who have committed themselves to peace and grassroots projects. 

Donate to ‘VCNV UK’
The Co-operative Bank
Account: 65583025
Sort: 089299

Cheques payable to ‘VCNV UK’ 
31 Carisbrooke Road,
St Leonards on Sea
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