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Fly Kites Not Drones Education Pack

fknd-front-coverHuman Rights are being threatened more and more on several fronts
 from scrapping human rights legislation to new warfare technologies,
 killing and harming others. In terms of war and peace, for the next 
generations, weaponised drones will be one of the most
pressing issues of the day.

Today weaponised drones are being used by various States
 to assassinate individuals 
on the slenderest of evidence which would not stand up in a court of law. More often than not, drone strikes impact others 
nearby, or are aimed at the wrong people, in the wrong place at the 
wrong time.

Citizens across Europe are already experiencing ‘blowback’ from wars
 waged in the Middle East and in Central Asia by Western powers, with the violation of human rights  felt 
on both sides.

 Governments are also using drones against their own citizens.dscf1147 Already 
the UK has assassinated one of its own citizens. While surveillance
 drones are already being used routinely for ‘special events’, and are on 
the brink of becoming a ‘normal’ tool for surveillance.

Meanwhile in 
North Dakota, USA the police have got permission to arm and use drones against peaceful protestors 
with ‘non-lethal’ weapons such as tear gas, pepper spray and rubber 

dscf1030This education pack explores human rights in general with a specific 
focus on weaponised drones. Activities include source material gathered
 by peace activists visiting Kabul. The workshops aim to further cultural
 understanding of Afghanistan, unpack the political positions of
 world leaders, enhance understanding of what it’s like to live under
 drones and provide a firm understanding of human rights.

The Fly Kites Not Drones education pack is linked to a yearly dscf1049campaign
 which encourages everyone everywhere to fly kites in solidarity with the 
young people living under the threat from weaponised drones.

The events are timed to takes place on
 Now Roz- Persian New Year- this year the event will be held on Sunday
 19 March 2017.


[1] Why Can’t Aymel fly his kite? Age 8-11 Duration 80 minutes
To gain an understanding of drones and how they affect children’s human rights

dscf1128[2] Human perspectives on drones – Age 11-16 Duration 60 minutes
To understand how different people think and feel about drones and why.

[3] Drones speaking and listening debate – Age 14-18 Duration 60 minutes

dscf1120To use the issue of armed drones and explore how to construct an argument 
using fact and opinion

[4] Fly a kite for peace – All ages Duration 60 minutes
Design and make a kite to fly, send it into the air as a statement of
hope and peace. 

Additional assemblies and workshops are available relating to specific

dscf1136To see how the pack fits with the national curriculum.

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