Fly Kites Not Drones 2015

Fly Kites Not Drones outside RAF Waddington, the UK's drone operation base
Fly Kites Not Drones outside RAF Waddington, the UK’s drone operation base

Saturday 21st March, Global Day of Action

Hold your own kite flying event & Make your own kites

Or join us at RAF Waddington, 1-3pm Main Gate

#FlyKitesNotDrones @kitesnotdrones

Last year the campaign was launched by the Afghan Peace Volunteers, young peace activists in Kabul who have lost loved ones, and endured life under drones; they wanted to encourage people around the world to be in solidarity with Afghans by participating in their favourite national pastime of kite flying on the Nao Roz (Persian New Year), while also saying that the skies should be kept for fun and peaceful activities, and not for terrorising civilians.

Kite flying in Kabul
Kite flying in Kabul

This year the campaign focus is about children who live under the constant threat of drones, children who now have nightmares about drone strikes, who are “psychologically traumatised”, and feel “suffocated” by the threat of armed drones, and moreover, the thousands of children who have lost their lives to drone strikes.

Kids in Hastings fly kite
Kids in Hastings fly kite

Medical research has been carried out in Yeman which shows that drones are “traumatising a generation of children” leaving them as “hollowed out shells” who have “lost their spark”; they “bread animosity” and tear apart poor communities with psychological torture and collective punishment. Drones are pushing young people towards extremist groups by the perceived threat of violence from a western drone strike.

Afghan boy with kite
Afghan boy with kite

We especially want young people in this country to understand, empathise and show solidarity with terrorised children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, Yeman, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Algeria and Mali, who live under drones which can hover in the skies for up to 17 hours, allowing surveillance from another continent, and the ability to kill from thousands of miles away.

It’s important that the next generation understand that armed drones now makes war perpetual, we do not even need to be in a ‘declared war’ before drones are deployed. These robot killing machines have completely changed the nature of warfare, whereby anyone considered an “imminent threat”, whether American or Afghan, can now be ‘taken out’ with a drone, along with anyone else who happens to be nearby. And yet, those responsible are not held accountable.

Hastings Against War kite making workshop
Hastings Against War kite making workshop

We would like to urge everyone to hold kite making workshops, as well as kite flying events in their local area. By flying kites on the 21st March, Persian New Year, you will be showing solidarity with children who are terrorised and traumatised by armed drones.

The UK’s Watchkeeper drone program has so far costs £1 billion to research and develop.

Drones are 10 times more likely to kill a civilian than a manned plane.

This year the UK Government has spent a quarter of a billion pounds on contracts with Thales and BAE to build ‘Taranis’ – a joint drone with France

A hellfire missile (fitted to an armed drone) costs $58,000

All of this money could be spent on schools, books and teachers, instead, it is being poured into an industry and a form of warfare which is making civilians both here and abroad, more unsafe. For every drone missile fired, an extremist who hates the west is created.

So far the US, UK and Israel are the only known countries with armed drones, though many other countries are buying or developing their own armed drones.

The future of this world belongs to the next generation, this campaign is focused at the people who will inherit that.

Kite making in Bristol


Kite making instructions Making a Sled Kite 2015 (they’re better than last year’s instructions)

“Fly Kites Not Drones for Nao Roz”, send us an email about your local event, or better still, film it and post it up on Youtube.

As worn in Afghanistan
As worn in Afghanistan

Join us at RAF Waddington

1-3pm to fly kites outside the UK’s drone operation base.

Travel : Take the no. 1 bus from Lincoln to Grantham leaves Lincoln bus station, which is opposite the train station at  05 and 35 past every hour.  They arrive at the bus top near the base 20 minutes later. The base is after Bracebridge Heath and before the village of Waddington on a straight stretch of road, the A607. The base is off to the left down a track. The buses return on the hour and half hour

Fly kites outside your local drone arms company

Such at UAV Engines in Shenstone, see the CAAT website for more details.

Order campaigning postcards and T Shirts £10 (plus P&P)


#FlyKitesNotDrones @kitesnotdrones