Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK regularly take peace delegations to Kabul where we work and stay with the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) . While in the country we gathering information or collect materials in order to make various anti war campaigning tools.

We are currently the only UK peace group taking activists to Afghanistan, in the previous year we have had 3 delegations, by chance they have been all female- this is not deliberate, merely coincidental. The first UK peace delegation in 2012 included: Susan Clarkson, Mary Dobbing, Maya Evans and Beth Tichborne; the group spanned 5 decades.

Our focuses include:

– Women’s rights

– Drone warfare

– Non- violent solidarity with Afghan peacemakers

H2KcoverIn December 2011, Maya Evans from VCNVUK was the first British peace activist to visit Afghanistan on a delegation. You can read about her experiences and the broader context of the delegation’s visit in this pamphlet. You can download it here