Love & the Peace Garden

Afghan Peace Garden
Over the Equinox we officially launched our new ongoing campaign Afghan Peace Garden. In Kabul, former street kid Habib plants roses & tells his story.

Habib in his Afghan Peace Garden, narrowly escaped being caught up with a suicide car bomb attack, tells his story
Habib & his Afghan Peace Garden
We first met Habib back in 2012 when the Afghan Peace Volunteers launched the Street Kids School Project, he was one of the first to arrive with his mother Mariam. Since then Habib has been a regular member of the Boarder Free Peace Centre, gaining an education and a nurturing environment. He is now a central member of the team.

Habib launched our Afghan Peace Garden campaign by planting Persian Roses in the Permaculture plot. 

While doing so he narrowly escaped being caught up in a suicide car bomb attack, now a regular part of Kabul life.

Habib reflects on the suicide attack which took his fathers’ life 6 years ago, making him the breadwinner of the family.

For many years Habib worked with his scales, weighing people for 5 afs.

Today he goes to school and hopes for a peaceful future for Afghanistan. 

Participants at the ‘Youth on the Road to Peace’ Conference discussed the idea of peace parks, they all decided to build peace parks in their home provinces.

Habib planted Persian Roses for solidarity, please join him and plant your own Afghan Peace Garden.

Afghan Peace Gardens are to remember all displaced Afghans, the ongoing war in Afghanistan, and the deportation of Afghans from EU countries, back to Kabul, the only part of the country deemed ‘safe’.
Community Gardens

The first action undertaken by the Afghan Peace Volunteers in 2009 was to plant a Peace Garden’ in their home town of Bamiyan.

The Garden still exists today, a long term act of solidarity to peace. 
Please approach your local community garden project and ask them to dedicate a plot of land to Afghanistan, with remembrance and recognition. 

Permaculture projects
The Afghan Peace Volunteers realise the importance of working with nature for the means of survival. If you have a local permaculture or food project please ask them to dedicate some space for peace.
In Kabul this month…
Youth from 24 of the 34 Afghan Provinces joined together for the APV ‘On the Road to Non-Violent Peace’ Conference between the 18th-21st September to discuss war, climate change and the solutions.
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