Afghan Peace Garden

Launching our new campaign for the EquinoxAfghan Peace Garden
TODAY, winter Equinox, we are launching our new campaign ‘Afghan Peace Garden’ to raise awareness of the mass displacement of Afghans, both for the 1.2 million internally displaced and  the 4-6 million scattered across the world.

The campaign is also drawing attention to the food crisis currently gripping Afghanistan.

This projects is ideal for schools wanting to explore Afghan culture and displacement in general, food growing projects who have a corner in their existing gardens, peace groups with a local brownfield site in need of a face lift, or poignant remembrance ceremonies outside a military base; this simple action will carry a lot of significance and solidarity.

Afghan Peace Garden is very much inspired by the Afghan Peace Volunteered who formed with the action of planting a peace garden in Bamiyan 2011.

Plants we are recommending:

Persian Roses: the first thing that greets you at Kabul Airport, a country once famed for its intoxicating Persian rose gardens, a reminder of the days when Afghanistan lived in peace and Afghan culture flourished

Permaculture Principles: inspired by the works of the APV permaculture project in Kabul, and acknowledging the crippling food crisis Afghanistan currently faces with 25% of Afghans under the age of 5 malnourished, an important reminder of the basics denied to Afghans.

Peace Poppies:
 a crop which likes to grow on recently disturbed earth, echoing the constant footsteps of Afghans forced to leave their homes, displaced due to war. The poppy cash crop has also played a part in destroying the country with a population of 1 million Afghans now addicted to opium and still producing 90% of the world’s opium supply. We ask for white poppies planted to symbolise the displacement of Afghans and also those crushed by opium addiction.

This campaign in being launched on the 21-23rd September over Equinox, a traditional time of year to ready the ground for the harvest ahead, looking forward, planting new seeds of resistance & solidarity..

The Afghan Peace Volunteers will be launching the project by holding a ‘planting action’ in Kabul during the Equinox weekend. Please follow and support this project.Afghan Peace Garden Plaques – if possible we are recommending groups display plaques in their gardens, recommended text:

Due to the ongoing war raging across Afghanistan, we would like to:
– remember all displaced Afghans
– recognise the crippling food shortages for Afghans
– hope for peace Possible places to plant your gardens:
– Brownfield sites, existing community gardens, school gardens, allotments, outside & inside military bases, in front of the MOD, homeless shelters, drug rehab centres, bus stops, retirement homes, or inside your own garden!

Groups who might be interested:
– Youth groups, schools, buildings of worship, peace groups, edible food projects, community gardens, refugee centres, those recovering from substance addiction.

Tweet your garden: #AfghanPeaceGarden @VCNVUK Facebook us: Voices for Creative Non Violence UK We encourage everyone to simply remember Afghanistan by planting Afghan Peace Gardens.
VCNV UK spent a week outside the DSEi arms fair at the ExCel Centre, Docklands. The very creative week saw over 100 arrests  with pre trial hearings taking place this week. Rumors from inside the ExCel centre suggested the arms fair ended up being 2 days behind in its set up, hiring extra carpenters to work round the clock. Most defendants will use ‘necessity’ as a legal argument in court, this argument was successfully used for previous DSEI defendants.
Rebrand Reaper

This year for the drone week of action we have taken up the request of the ‘Art Department’ at the MOD, who are trying to rebrand the reaper drone.

So far the multi million pound publicity commission have come up with ‘protector drone’ as an alternative, however they would like to open the challenge to members of the public.
Use the template opposite to ‘Rebrand Reaper’ and enter the competition by tweeting your photo to @RebrandReaper @DefenceHQ