What Do Afghans Think About Trump?

Donald Trump

While in Kabul, February 2017, Donald Trump was making moves to enforce his ‘travel ban’ on Muslims. We asked some Afghan young people their thoughts on this….

Ali, age 19: “All white Americans were immigrants, would he have treated the founding fathers in this way? He is also creating stresses for Muslims within America as they’re now being treated differently. If Trump continues Obama’s policy of maintaining troops it will have a negative impact for us. If feels like American policies have been designed to control the minds of Afghans, if that continues, it won’t be good.” 9: 

Haddisa, age 18: “I don’t really know that much about him except he’s a business man and he’s banning Muslims from America. I think immigration is a good thing because sometimes people need to start new lives and a diverse society means you learn a lot.”

Mahdi, age 17: “He seems to be against Muslims so I feel afraid of him. Before he was President, Afghans could study in the U.S., now I think that will change.”

Farzana, age 16: “He will not have good policies because maybe he only knows about business. I don’t think he will be good for Afghanistan if he has a bad idea about Muslims. By his behaviour he will bring segregation and this is bad for anyone who is not white.”

Qasim, age 18: “He is an angry President, I don’t think he will be good. There are many protests and still he doesn’t give up his decision about Muslims and Latinos. He is so angry about Muslims, I think he will use more drones in Afghanistan. I think he needs to not look at things like a business deal.”  

Bismillah, age 18: “I hate politics, I don’t want to talk about it, it’s all false. Trump is a bad person and all the world knows it.” 

Sami, age 19: “I don’t see how it is possible for him to do business with countries like Saudi Arabia, but then say Muslims are banned. He could possibly be good for Afghanistan as he’s a business man and doesn’t like spending money on soldiers. But as Afghanistan is strategic in Asia, he will not want to leave” 

Zahra, age 17: “I don’t know much about him him except he’s banned Muslims from America. We are all global citizens, and although we’re Muslims we haven’t done anything wrong, we share love and humanity, our religion is humanity.”

Neda, age 17: “I’ve heard he doesn’t like Muslims or immigrants, I don’t think he will be a good President, immigrants go to the U.S. because they need to but he rejects them. We know America wants to be the most powerful country in the world, their army have been here fighting, I don’t things will improve for us if he sends more troops, most of the victims have been civilians. I’m sick of war but it will continue if more foreign soldiers are sent.”